Well, this is not
just about money.

Entrepreneurship is about converting real life problems into the opportunities of growth and progress.

The Great Journey

Giorgi has graduated the International Economics degree, as his vision for being a successful economist in Georgia has faced diversity of political, economic and social challenges in the country – he has started his entrepreneurial journey from year 2011. All the past years spent before in active citizenship and volunteerism he has decided to capitalize on that experiences and has created the ISIE International School of Intellect and Education, this is where the story begins.

ISIE was one of the first non-formal educational platforms in Georgia with the business mindset of a start-up accelerator, at the same time working with issue-based projects reflecting the actual challenges of Georgia’s youth. It has covered all the top universities in the very first three years of existence and united thousands of young people in the network through participating in large diversity of projects, conferences, programs and events. Some of the key ISIE projects are ever since free of charge to keep the growing impact in society, also offering the paid premium quality training to students and recent graduates about different topics of interest. ISIE is one of the largest youth organization in Georgia  today, growing each year in numbers.

In year 2012 ISIE already desperately needed the promotional items for campaigns. One of the item of demand was the silicon wristband branded with the organization name and campaign message, but it appeared there were no company capable to deliver the product, which became an inspiration for Giorgi to start building BrandHand – the print advertising company. The name is itself, it was firstly only importing and printing silicon wristbands for companies, universities, organizations and later it evolved into the multi-million business of print industry covering thousands of corporate clients with more than 3,000 brand-able promotional products.

Giorgi lives very modestly considering his success stories, but as long as he wanted to renovate his own home in 2016 he discovered there was no professional, credible company in the industry of home renovation and construction industry, that has inspired him to found Renovare LLC – the remodeling and renovation company. Renovare has ever since been growing, serving both physical persons and corporations to conduct professional renovation services and construction management, delivering them to top brands and organizations in Georgia.

As BrandHand has been growing along the years, a lot of people asked for products for gift and present usage. BrandHand serves the corporate sector only, so Giorgi decided to create the online gift-shop – Panta, where customers would be able to design the gifts with their own image and text using AI to compile and make it ready for production. This has boomed since the beginning among the customers and Panta is now one of the fastest growing online business in Georgia.

In 2020s Giorgi has expanded his business and started a new venture Château Chkhaveri, which is a special vineyard in west Georgia with small guesthouse and event hall.

Today Giorgi’s capital is growing rapidly both on national and global level.

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