Giorgi has influenced
thousands of lives in Georgia.

Working as US Peace Corps volunteer since teen-hood, later contributing to AIESEC as a student and ever since boosting the youth platforms of change and progress.

Making Difference

Giorgi has joined the project “The English Public Library of Guria District” run by US Peace Corps (volunteer program run by US government) back in the early 2000s. Spending over two years with American volunteers, it was an intensive learning experience in project management, team work and change making in the society. Having these inspirational moments from teenage he gladly joined AIESEC (world’s largest youth international organization) in Georgia during his first year in the university.

He quickly evolved as a member and in 2006 went on exchange program to Ukraine, Ternopil for two months, he was the very first exchange participant from Georgia officially. The project “World Without Borders” have brought number of new experiences, global network and an inspirational vision for future. As he came back soon became the Vice President of AIESEC in Georgia, working for large diversity of projects and conferences home and abroad, later winning the nomination of President of AIESEC in Georgia for term 2008-2009. Giorgi left AIESEC as a Board of Directors member in 2010 and finished his organizational career becoming an alumni in 2011; his presidential work having the first International Central Asia and Caucasus Congress organized, the first Local Committees founded in Tbilisi and Batumi, the first over 100 exchange programs run and having an incoming exchange students to Georgia from the USA, Europe and Asia. Giorgi as a President was also actively involved in different regional projects run in Central and Eastern Europe. Today AIESEC continues influencing thousands of young future leaders in Georgia.

After years of serving in international youth organization, Giorgi has initiated and founded ISIE International School of Intellect and Education in 2011. ISIE is the non-formal educational organization having a mission “Helping young people to connect their education with the reality”. The organization achieves its vision through diverse projects, conferences, events. It also links its projects to international programs supported by partner global organizations. Giorgi finished his active career at ISIE in 2013, now it is one of the largest influential youth center in Georgia uniting thousands of students and recent graduates.

After 2011 Giorgi’s most time is dedicated in doing business, but it never avoids him to turn back to youth organizations and hold seminars, conferences and motivational speeches for young people. He is also actively reading workshops at external organizations such as Kant’s Academy and chairing conferences abroad.

Giorgi believes the more we invest in youth, the better and more efficient civil society we build together.

Change Makers

  • 2000 – 2002
  • 2006 – 2010
  • SINCE 2011
  • SINCE 2019
2000 – 2002

Active in US Peace Corps

Go to the website: www.peacecorps.gov

2006 – 2010

Active in AIESEC in Georgia

Go to the website: www.aiesec.org

SINCE 2011

Active at ISIE

Go to the website: www.isie.ge

SINCE 2019

Active in Kant’s Academy

Go to the website: www.kanti.edu.ge