Giorgi is an active educator,
inspiring youth potential.

Since 2011 Giorgi has been actively involved in educational sector as a trainer, facilitator, chair and speaker at top universities and organisations.

Empowering Youth

Personal Development Seminar

PDS is an integrated learning experience comprised of Training Course run by Giorgi since 2011 at ISIE, special personal development training for university students and recent graduates. Since 2014 this is a transitional project to Exchange Program (Global Volunteer), so that its participants will continue their experience abroad on AIESEC’s internships (World’s largest youth organization). Participants explore their strong and weak sides, soft-skills, leadership potential and intellectual abilities so that, they become able to have realistic awareness of themselves to set their goals and plan their future. Giorgi conducts PDS seminars at Tbilisi State University. You can read the detailed schedule here.

Business and Marketing Workshops

As he has the years of experience building successful start-ups he is frequently invited as a speaker and trainer at educational organizations and universities to share his knowledge with young people. Giorgi builds intuitive workshops and business cases for youth groups to better capture the important details to success in early stages of start-ups.

Management and Leadership Speeches

Giorgi has over a decade experience to work as manager and a leader in youth organizations. This intensive working environment, where he has been shaping his skill-sets gives him an advantage to read the jaw-dropping speeches about leadership and management at speaking sessions and conference openings. Organizations like Kant’s Academy and others are actively embedding him as main speaker in their educational opportunities.

American Liberty and European Studies

Giorgi’s vision for Georgia’s development is free economy, classic capitalism and the liberal democracy. As the United States of America and European Union stand as a global role model, his training frequently involves American Liberty and European studies. Inspiring the future generations with the great examples of success of western world, the importance of rule of law, equality, freedom of speech, democracy and liberty on the individual understanding of each citizen.

Giorgi permanently contributes to develop educational platforms in Georgia, that brings progress and growth of next generations.

Brighter Future

  • 2006 – 2010
  • SINCE 2011
  • SINCE 2019
2006 – 2010

Active in AIESEC in Georgia

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SINCE 2011

Active at ISIE

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SINCE 2019

Active in Kant’s Academy

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